Celebrating the World Wildlife Day the Right Way

Celebrating World Wildlife Day

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Water is life, but the statement is not entirely exclusive without considering the importance of wildlife. This line is further confirmed by Jim Flower’s word who maintained that “The continued existence of wildlife and wilderness is important to the quality of life of humans’. When it comes to counting the real deal humans derive from wildlife and nature, one will definitely lose count.

Wildlife defined!

One can refer to wildlife as a non-domesticated animal species. Still, giving a more profound thought into what constitutes wildlife, one would agree that it goes beyond just animals and wild and un-introduced plants to humans. It has to do with a space that provides numerous merits to the human race.

World Wildlife Day
Celebrating World Wildlife Day

In celebrating this year’s World Wildlife Day, we at Life and Peace Development Organization, LAPDO, joins others across the globe to recognize the tremendous influences that forests have in ensuring that humans are sustained and having a protected ecosystem.

Wildlife helps maintain a balance in the ecosystems

The way the ecosystem runs, entails that it be balanced, and the wildlife helps in that regard. There is a domino effect on the entire ecosystem for every organism that is threatened or go into extinction but with the wildlife in place, the system become balance, devoid of any negative effect.

Wildlife is a sure source of nutrients to humans

The presence of wildlife is a great source of nutrients, not just to animals living in the forest but also for humans in general. It is a known fact that humans derive their nutrients from either plant or animal, and as such, humans cannot jettison the importance of wildlife in providing nutrients to humans. It is not out of point to say that when the wildlife and natural habitats are being protected, the world’s food security becomes strengthened.

Wildlife contribute significantly to the medical world

Most of the success story shared in the medical world is courtesy of the wildlife. This is because a lot of medicine comes from wildlife and forestry. The truth remains that humans have no option other than to turn to nature for its medicinal values. Many of the world’s best medical countries, say China, India and lots, bank on wildlife and nature. Nigeria is not exempted in this also; daily you see people gather at the trado-medical stores to purchase herb supplements derived or extracted from forest products. Even pharmaceutical companies and experts get their products directly from the forest. What then can we say? Nature is life, and life is nature!

Wildlife serves as a good source of livelihoods

The World Economic Forum maintained that $44 trillion is tied to nature. That is to put emphasis on how essential nature and wildlife is. Once anything happens to the forest, and the wildlife, lots of jobs and dollars are lost.  This is also saying that the wildlife has high economic significance.

Wildlife serves the mental health well

There is no limit to what one can explore in the wilderness. Sighting nature and its use to serve mental health is well documented as a success story across the world. The world we are now in chaos, and staying close to nature has been proven to be of great help to curb the global health crisis. So, apart from wildlife’s economic importance, human health has also blossomed by the natural settings and attraction of the wildlife.

Sincerely, one cannot overemphasis how incredible wildlife serves humanity. It is, therefore, important that humans do their part in sustaining the wildlife.

I’d love to close this article with a quote from Jim Flower that goes thus: ‘The quicker we humans learn that saving open space and wildlife is critical to our welfare and quality of life, maybe we’ll start thinking or doing something about it.’ There is no other best way to celebrate the world wildlife day the right way than to take action that can put the wildlife, environment, and nature in their best shape.



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