Help us to reach more communities with access to clean & drinkable water by the installation of the BIOSAND WATER FILTER

U.S Agency for International Development (USAID) in conjunction with Life and Peace Development Organization (LAPDO) and Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) will be carrying out a policy research on supportive environment for women farmers in Ondo State.

Policy Research on Supportive Environment for Women Farmers in Ondo State.

Background and Project Description

Strengthening Advocacy and Civic management (SACE) Project funded by USAID and PIND and implemented by Chemonics International is supporting Life and Peace Development Organization (LAPDO) in the implementation of the project Titled: Enhancing Inclusive Agricultural Governance through Small Holder Women Farmers participation in Agricultural Sector in Ondo State” to help facilitate the emergence of clear policy framework that is favourable to small scale women farmers in Ondo state. This is in regard to LAPDO`s one-year project under the Strengthening Advocacy and Civic Engagement Project that this scope of work is developed to conduct a research on providing supportive environment for small holder women farmers.

Highlights of some of the agricultural challenges facing the sector and limiting smallholders women farmers‟ growth in the state are: gradual and consistent reduction in the budgetary allocation to agricultural sector in the last 7 years and non-capture of support for smallholders‟ women farmers as a line item in the ministry of agriculture budget; lack of state gender friendly policies on agriculture that prioritize support for women farmers or provide institutionalized engagement processes to capture women farmers opinions/inputs/needs either during budget process or on other agricultural dialogues; weak interaction/linkage between extension workers and farmers as this is vital to smallholder farmers‟ success as they rely on them for new technology transfers to gain market information, and acquire relevant advice that can help in planting, harvesting and value addition or the ability to „climb‟ up the value chain farmers in Ondo state.

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Help us to reach more communities with access to clean & drinkable water by the installation of the BIOSAND WATER FILTER